An Afterthought: “Loqui Tui Veritati”


The thing is, no matter how true or fake words are, only you have the power to sift through the half-lies. 

I am never a fan of truth. But I am confident in its power to change one’s perspective of truth as truth should be. I mean, whose truth are we really looking into as valid, your truth or his truth? This life is a big mystery, and only your truth will ever clear that cloud of doubt that keeps you from giving your trust and taking a risk.

Most of my truths are denials. Most truths I hide behind denials are accurate. They are so accurate that I cannot afford to let vulnerability to destroy my faith in my truths. I am capable of lying just as I am capable of telling the truth. Most of the time I am capable of hurting other people whenever I do both, but it will never be for the intention of hurting them but for making them wounded enough to realize their own truths—their truths that would either make mine a lie yet the kind that sets them free.

So call me a liar, a big fat liar. Well whose lie is true anyway? I think it is a matter of perspective that we see through what people say to us. We can never take credits for what people say that have gotten us fixed. The thing is, what other people say to us must allow us to evaluate our own judgments and principles, and not make us realize they are right, but more like make us realize what we have been believing in all along, but we have just failed to connect the chains.

Perhaps the most accurate thing to say here is I do speak my truth. It is mine. It is up to you if you believe in it. If you do, then you have been enlightened by my truth. If you don’t, then your truth might be a stronger version of mine. It might turn my truth into a lie for you, but still that does not make my truth any less real. Your truth might enlighten me, too, but still that does not make my truth any less real.

Through all these struggles with the truth and lies, the power to subdue the confusions lies not int THE truth but in MY truth, YOUR truth.

So tell me, what is your truth?


An Open Letter to Truth

An Open Letter to Truth

Dear Truth,
I have mixed feelings about confronting you. For one, I do not understand why most people, myself included, take you for granted. Second, to me you are an enigma: you are unspoken but obvious, concealed but open, painful but liberating. Lastly, I feel bad for you because a lot of people, myself included, treats you as ransom, dowry, payment, for realities they want to run away from. I continue to wonder if you will ever wear off when people keep on saying “I owe you the truth.” To whom are you going to be heartily or painstakingly given next time? Maybe I will just be right here following you around.

Yours truly, your biggest fan

P.S. Do you have the key? A lot of people I know, myself included, told me it is you who can set them free.

(prompt for writing 101: to whom it may concern; a word that jumps out of page 29 of the book nearest to you)