A Fool’s Silver Screen

“You are everything I never knew I always wanted.”


I have to be at a similar spot at the Grand Canyon, devouring a picnic box of Gray’s Papaya. Well gastronomic-delight aside, I think I need to be reminded each time that “love is a gift…not an obligation,” as this 1997  movie has taught me, and I guess it would be such a rush to be frozen at this particular scene of “Fools Rush In” where the idea of love-as I have first known it to be, as I have grown knowing, and as I should forever remember-first introduced itself to me. A day in this favorite movie of mine will be spent at the Grand Canyon, with the one I love, taking pleasure at the sunset and the love we have, but of course, with a box of Gray’s Papaya. That is all that’s going to happen in a day. That is all I ever wanted.

(However, if I have two more days, I want to pass by Coyote Ugly and Burlesque. A shot of margarita or a bottle of beer while watching hot girls strut their butts and do breath-taking dance routines would be such a release from a day’s work, but too unfortunate we don’t have much of these shows in the city where I live. I would do anything in this world to see a live show of this sort. But I still have another day!— which I want to spend taking a bullet for Jenko in any Jump Street movie. And since I happen to save his life, then maybe…details of my fantasies end here, before I say something cool. 😛 )



Thank God It’s Pay Day!

What else could be rewarding than having to splurge the entirety of your paycheck for things you want? But reality hits hard: you do not always get what you want. For all the humane reasons, you are supposed to secure food on the table first before the frappe you are craving for whose cost can feed six by home-cooked dinner.

If I were to to spend a month’s worth of my hard-earned salary for the things that I want given the things that I need are well-taken cared of by some magic or miracle or something, here is the countdown of the first five things I am going to spend some filthy cash on:



I never get to update my fashion statement that often, because of course, as a mom of three, I would rather buy preppy outfits for the kiddos. Most often than not, I grab a shabby blouse I could wear for civilian day in school whenever I have spare cash to spend on clothing line. But I am seriously in need of new pairs of jeans! When was the last time I fit into some skinnies or soft pants? Or grab a hot dress off a hanger without checking on the price tag? Or keep all tank tops I have chosen and not decide to leave them on the counter in favor of my son’s jersey or my daughter’s skirt? My memory is never serving me right about that anymore. So I am definitely getting a wardrobe fix! (Not to mention, a total make-over: get a new hair color, a body massage and scrub, fresh finger and toe nail polish, facial treatment-the salon works!)




They say the best way to save is to save fast food stores and restaurants for very important occasions. But with extra bills to splurge, I would not miss pigging out on all my favorite dishes with my family or with my friends. It wish to try “shabu-shabu” or perhaps Korean hot pots, the biggest hamburger in the city, or the famous back ribs down the city’s main street. They also say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Oh yes, I cannot agree with you more! Then, with my stomach full, I shall not miss the coffee break I must reward myself with, a hot white chocolate mocha from Star Bucks will ease all my worries away. But before I forget, I will definitely fill a grocery cart of my family’s favorite pig out food like chips, chocolates, ice cream, spicy ramen, fruit juice, frozen stuff and the works!

White Chocolate Mocha


I will not miss going to the movies for the world! Because I happen to be a practical mom, I deny myself of the guilty pleasure of spending on a movie date, even if I go alone. Movies cost much these days. So naturally, I just wait until there is a DVD copy or something and just satisfy myself with an overdue kind of joy. I missed watching the sequel to 21 Jump Street that is 22 Jump Street (Channing Tatum’s heart surely broke), the premiere of The Fault In Our Stars, and close to a dozen movies I said I would not miss for the world but I actually did because I had to buy milk and diapers first, which are far more essential than my fan girl fantasies. For sure, I am going to watch movies or buy home videos of all the movies I love and I missed respectively!



I have a dream library, my dream refuge, my dream solace, my dream land of hard-bounds and paperbacks! Sadly, my books are either hand-me-downs from my father, gifts from thoughtful souls or rewards I give to myself because I have won by some odds a raffle draw. I have always wanted to go book shopping, and it is disheartening to start up a collection when even books on sale give you second thoughts because you feel guilty for not buying your kids the latest toy craze or a new pair of studs. I read wonderful books borrowed by recommendation of colleagues and students, but I wish I owned them too. I had started out collecting books by Sheldon but never got to complete them. With a “cheat day” for my salary perhaps I would really be investing on books, and a walk-in book shelf, or even just a chest for these wondrous treasures. First on my list would be of course, Sidney Sheldon’s, then Paulo Coelho’s, and The Selection Series. Most books I am going to buy are those that come in sets, like the Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent Series, and even Dork Diaries (for my daughter of course). The list goes endless!

516u4PF+N2L._SX300_ images paulo1


“When was the last time we went out on a date?” my husband asked me one evening. Surely, I would not miss out on a date with my husband and the kids. We have tried a boat ride to Iloilo City once, the City of Love, but the sad thing is, half the time I was not with them because I was processing my License to Teach. The next time I want it to be different. It might be Cebu or Manila; anywhere we are sure to head to one great hotel stay experience, have some pool fun, cable TV bonding moments, endless pigging out, and then visit historic spots, try out the place’s best dishes and delicacies-selfie here-selfie-there- foodporn-eveywhere-kind-of-vacation! Disneyworld might yet be too expensive, but there would always be Star City or Enchanted Kingdom or something. If going out of town might be too expensive now that I have gone shopping for clothes, food, movies and books, it might just be a weekend off to Campuestohan Highlands or the mountains of Don Salvador Benedicto where we can be dauntless in the rope course or the island’s longest zipline, respectively.

 1467444_376429422491308_1241871474_n images (1)

Don’t get me wrong: I do not earn that much to afford all these things. But imagination happens to be free, so who’s fussing?


(photo credits to google search)