Another Love Letter

To the boy who will never know how much I love him,

There are still moments when I am reminded of the time when your dimples caused me to take a second glance at you, checking if the smile was for me. Those were small deep holes on a face of a brownie, of a boy who seemed to have a lifetime supply of positivity. I would never know of course if you were smiling at me, because I never took a chance to smile back.

There are still moments that take me back to the first time I got to know your name. Knowing your name flooded my heart with a unique kind of joy. How I froze when you reached out your hand to clasp mine, sealing a what would be like a special kind of friendship. After that, I immediately found myself writing your name on loose sheets of paper, on my literature notes, on my science laboratory reports, on the closing fly of my textbooks, even on thought clouds. However, only I would ever know that it had felt that way for me.

There are still moments when I turn a leaf of a page of a book you have borrowed from me once, listen to an old love song whose lyrics I have written on a bookmark for the book, or pass by a spot that we used to share to talk about common people and common lessons and common complaints about cafeteria food or unfavorable class schedule, and I start to think about the little things that I forced to ignite a spark between us two. Back in the days, we also often talked about how it had been much of a coincidence how we always found each other needing the same book, looking for our classrooms on the same floor, or walking our way home at the same time. What you didn’t know was that nothing was coincidence. I knew you would be there and I wanted to be in the same place and time with you.

There are still moments when I am stuck at replay of the time you would mindlessly hold my hand to see if a ring taken off a Coke tin can would fit my finger; or of the time when you run off a basketball game to break the news to me that you have ended it with the girl you used to like; or of the time I got too excited to see you the day after you got your freedom back, leaving a request of your heart for me to wait a little, but when I did see you, you were still with her, and I could not stop the tears from falling with the raindrops that felt like the skies were crying for me that night. The moments were like scenes from a chick flick that seemed to be having its share of dramatic irony. I can still memorize the sound of my heart breaking and you never knew you have caused me quite a lifetime of pain.

There are still moments that I have wished to undo so many times: taking a second glance at you, reaching back for your hand, stopping to hear you out, sitting right next to you, walking home with you, sharing the same staircase and hallway with you, using the same book, and liking the same songs. I wish to undo all of them because they have led me to the agony of waiting for you to like me. I have liked you since the first day I saw you smile and I looked back to see you smile again, up to the last day you walked away and looked back to flash the sweetest smile I have ever seen, and I would never see again. You would never know how the longing of my heart to see you smile again has brought upon me years of torture whenever moments that remind me of you seem not to mind a good time to be felt once again. These moments just barge open the door to my heart that has never find its closure and then start ripping off the stitches of the heartbreak that you have left me.

There are still moments when I wish I could say all these things to you and you can actually see me straight face with that oh so beautiful smile that has swept me off my feet, and tell me if these moments that I have kept hidden in a special place of my heart only for you, also mean something to you, or maybe not. But I could only wish the impossible. This is perhaps why time is of the essence when you are in love. We cannot always say that there will be another time to say the things that our heart screams.

When the boy that you like smiles at you, there should be no doubt nor worry. Go ahead and smile back. When he bumps into you in the hallway, borrows your book for history class, walks home with you, even if you have gotten everything planned out by securing his class schedule and list of subjects, go ahead and give him a hint of your feelings or tell him right away. The worst thing you will probably get is rejection. At least you won’t have to nurse a broken heart and never have known what he feels about you the first place. You could move on and look back to the memory of him as the boy you used to like but never liked you back, rather than a boy who never knew that you loved him.

This is our catastrophe. You will never know. Or maybe you know already, but how would I know that you already do? What would you want to tell me now? How would you seal the open wound of my broken heart? A couple of years or so after I last saw your smile, I heard that the angels paid you a visit a lifetime too early. I would like to believe they also fell in love with your smile. I appease my heart with the thought that your smile would make heaven even brighter. I have comforted my sad heart with the thought that you are a bottle of positivity and heaven would be a perfect place for you. Since then, I thought of the times when I would have weary good night dreams and sad daydreams about you. I seem not to run out of prose to write about my unrequited love, of a little crush that has never known closure, of a special friendship that I will forever miss. I guess I cannot stop writing love letters to heaven just yet. It is taking me forever to forget you but could I blame you? That smile. Those dimples. My heart cannot rest with thoughts of you. There will never be goodbyes for now, as my heart continues to ache. It feels bad to be among the people who were not given the chance to say goodbye to you, the boy who will never know that I love him.


Then what?

We all say things we mean and we don’t mean when we are drenched in pain and hatred. As the pain numbs us and the hatred becomes too familiar, we weave a new thread of hope that things will get better in time and the horror that pain and hatred have made us confront can just be treated as another bad dream. Yet, bad dreams always haunt us no matter the time and distance. I am still haunted by the face of stranger I meet in you whom I thought I have known all my life. I am scared of ever seeing that stranger again. When you finally said you were sorry, I did not intend to accept it, but I did. People might call it cowardice when I did not do what I was supposed to when you ate all your despise of me the moment you said you were sorry. I want to call it a shot for a clean slate. I never want to remember nor be reminded of how awful it had been to amount our feelings to hatred. Neither do I want to fake my true feelings at the moment and make you feel that I have strong regard for you when the truth is, I cannot even bring myself to force a smile feeling threatened of what could trigger again the horror I never want to face once more. The truth is, I cannot afford to be loving at the moment. I just want it to be over and start anew and in starting anew I mean having no feelings at all. No love. No hate. But you will never know that. It is a thread I shall weave for myself not knowing what happens next. You will continue to believe what I offered you was a chance although to me that chance has erased all memories of the past, good and bad. You have turned me into a stranger. I hope it shall be nice to meet you again. I hope we shall find the love we have lost somewhere. But we really do not know…

Two Love Letters


I intend to hide them away, but my muse won’t let me sleep. My muse has been haunting me with sweet nightmares. So though I am not sending these letters at all, I am letting them out of me and maybe I can look forward to a healing.

To my one great love,

I should have sent all the letters I have written for you. But would it have changed how I feel right now?

You were never mine. Ever. Because I never took the chance to make you mine. Because I was waiting for you to take that chance for us. But maybe there was really no ‘us’.

I could only think of one person who can send me to the clouds by just one smile, by just one look, by just one touch. You. You always took my breath away. You always made it difficult for me to catch my breath. Even without saying a word. And I think that was always our problem. We never spoke a word. Particularly, we never told each other how we felt. And that leaves me wondering always if I did mean to you like you meant the skies to me.

There are a lot of things I wanted to say to you, but I never had the courage to. Maybe I was afraid then. I was afraid that if I tell you how I feel about you, heaven would end. I would not have endured it—it was always heaven with you. I could not take that chance of having to fall off the clouds and not feel the way you make me feel. So I never took the chance. And so did you. But I never have the slightest idea why nor if it is true that there is even an idea of you taking a chance on me the first place. We were both scared I guess. Or maybe it was just I…How should I ever know?

And that leaves me with nothing but questions I was hoping you’d answer now that I have taken the courage to write them all down for you: Did you mean to send me to the clouds whenever you’d say Hi or simply smile even if you were in the middle of something and I pretended to be just passing by? Did you mean to leave me breathless when you’d walk me home, go to church with me, watch movie with me, even if we did not plan on doing all these things together each time? Did you mean to tell me how you really feel, to take the chance with me, in those times that we both failed to show up? What did your smile, your touch, your concern, your wit, actually mean that they never failed to blow me away? What did the moments with you actually mean that even if we never planned on them it felt like we actually intended to be together? What did those unspoken thoughts and feelings actually mean for you and me? Did you mean them like I illusioned them to be? Or is this really just me alone in this empty fantasy? On this strange cloud?

What I am trying to say is, I should have taken the chance when I had the chance. I should have told you. I should have asked you. I should have not been afraid of losing heaven with you because eventually I would lose that sky high feeling anyway, and I actually did. Because chances ran out. And when I failed to take those chances, it was tantamount to giving up the heaven with you.

But they were chances un-taken but un-regretted. Because when I convinced myself that you were just some heaven I could not reach, I found another way to fly. And I was glad perhaps. Because having to see clouds on uncertainties in my heaven with you, I found another universe. My one true love.

And my one true love is not you. Even if you meant the heaven to me.

But if I did take the chances to say what I needed to say to you, that you meant the skies to me, then maybe I am not the one left here with questions to ask, or even just one question to ask: Did I also mean the skies to you? For whatever your answer would have been, I think, would change the way I feel right now that I no longer have another chance to actually hear what your answer is…

If you have said yes, then maybe I could have shared sweet memories with you I could proudly claim as genuinely mine, and not that the were visions of a broken dream. That even if heaven would have eventually run out for the two of us and still I would end with a new-found universe I consider now as my one true love, the important thing is my sweet memories with you is truly about us, and not an us that never was.

If you have said no, then maybe I would have charged it all to bitter memories that the idea of heaven sometimes just did not work for some lame dreamers like me. Maybe the clarity I would have gotten about the disillusion had made me more willing to love without the promise of being loved in return. Maybe I would have had the better courage to part from you as the special person you would always be to me but I happened to force into oblivion because I did not take the chance to ask and hear your answer after all. And so we ended up as strangers with memories.

Maybe, I could have moved on more peacefully having at least a yes or a no to hold on to.

Maybe, you would not be looking down on me right now, sending still vague messages you had no power to explain to me. I am writing to tell you how you still mean the skies to me because you have taught me how to treasure a love like this. Yes, love. I never said that I love you. I never had the courage to say it nor feel it that it is actually love. That it is indeed love. And although I no longer long for you to love me back, as up to now I still do not know if you do, if you did, moreso, if you ever will, I want to thank you for making me feel that I love you. Loving you was having a taste of heaven, that bliss that comes with being among the clouds or maybe even above the sky. For one moment I actually believed that it was possible to feel bliss without having to have enough reasons to be happy except that there was you. Loving you was a great feeling I intend to cherish its memory until the world is no more. Yes, a memory—that is all you are left of me but still I am so grateful for. A memory of that one great love. I want to thank you too for making it clearer now that loving you is never wrong because I am inlove with my one true love. Because you are special and the love I feel for you is special. You are my one great love. And even if I should accept now that goodbye is on its way to be finally faced with, you will always be in my heart. Yes, this is really goodbye I guess. I will no longer send you the letters I wanted to send. You will never get them anyway. But I am sending this one to you through the wind after reducing it to ashes, sealed with a kiss I never took the chance with you, hoping this will be first and last letter I will be sending to heaven. I love you.

Until I could be with you in heaven, I guess this is truly goodbye for now.


To my one true love,

I love you. I say that without reservations.

I have chosen you like you have chosen me in some random and crazy whirlwind we decided to take a chance with .

I am glad I took a chance on you, and you took a chance on me. If we did not, we would not have learned how capable we are of loving not because it feels like heaven but because it sure feels like hell when it hurts, but the true heaven rises once the hurt subsides and the pain and scars are nothing but marks of strength of one true love.

You are not my idea of heaven. It is because you are something else.

You are my universe. You mean the heaven and earth and everything between them to me. I don’t know if you feel the same way about me, but having to take chances everyday that a love like ours is a battlefield worthy to be battled on for whatever reasons there are to stay, is enough for me to continue living with this vast space that is either empty or exciting called true love.

Ours is a love story that can never be written, for words won’t be enough to narrate the weight of emotions that come with truly loving someone like you, someone like me.

When you truly love someone, you cut the crap of fantasy and still feel like it is the greatest dream cloud ever. You face life and all its harsh realities knowing tests of time render true love and great love as two separate entities not meant to be compared. Your one great love shows you the heaven and the illusion of flying over the promises of bliss. Your one true love shows you heaven and earth as one place where you can be true to yourself and you get to feel what you allow yourself to feel by taking chances both on bliss and sorrow. And that is why you are my one true love.

My great love taught me to fly to the heavens. You, my true love, taught me to rise above everything else even if I fall and hurt myself, because I would have you to fly and fall with me again and again and again and again…

You have shown me the idea of pain by breaking my heart for countless times and yet I am still here.

You have shown me the truth about the illusion of being in love, that it can never be perfect except if you love an imperfect person perfectly well, and so I know that there is nowhere else for me but with you.

Memories are bittersweet, and maybe I am just glad that the ones I have with you may be bittersweet but they are real. Bittersweet memories with you, just like a bad medicine, are hard to swallow, too painful to endure, but make me well and whole. Thank you for being a part of me that is never complete without you. Thank you for making ‘us’ feel and sound the same as ‘I’—selfless but strong.

What I am trying to say is that:

I love you not because you love me, but you made me love you.

I love you not because you are here with me, but you are enough reason to stay.

I love you, and I have no better explanation for that except I love you.

And I thank God everyday for giving me the courage to make this felt.

I am writing you this letter because you deserve to know, that despite what we have gone through and will be going through, despite the things we would rather not do or say, despite what lies ahead, beneath and within, that I love you and I will never love anyone this much as I love you. You are my true love. Deal with it.

I love you.

My heaven is with you.



On Forever

There will always be more hearts broken that can’t be mended, left unattended. What do we do?

I could not agree with that old song more.

So shall we talk about forever?

Granted forever is real, that love truly encompasses time and space, withstands tests of time, conquers all odds, I just want to ask what kind of love should that suppose to be?

We all go through falling in love, being in love, staying in love, falling out of love too, based on our own claims of what love really is.

Getting our hearts broken over and over again is not something to be proud of, but it is foolish for us to say that it has not been love after all. Love, in all its mystery, absurdities and vagueness, is still love. It is meant to last forever. We only choose to get stuck up somewhere on our road to forever and then dismiss that love truly has that power to endure for all eternity.

There is really nothing wrong with love. The fault is in our crappy ideas of what love really is. Love is truly powerful and it is our hearts that get weak and scared. There is forever for those who choose to be there.

The choice is ours for the taking.

At the moment, I am at a crossroad, but I will be there. I believe forever is just there somewhere.

Meanwhile, what is wrong with being alone, naturally? Nothing really.

Scary Fairytales

Is a fairy tale a dangerous place to be?

I have seen a lot of these mushy love stories already, interesting, light and amusing plots written by teens whose illusion of falling in love is quite too far from being realistic. They have this illusion that fairy tales do exist. That a handsome, rich guy can actually fall in love with a poor, ugly girl. That a guy with an ugly personality can actually change for a random stranger who speaks wisdom to his ears. That a super star can actually have an ever after with a fan. That a long-time crush can actually feel something for someone hopelessly in love with him because of what has been written in a diary or a love letter. That a bet or a wish can actually lead to true love to be discovered. That love seems to be transitory. conditional. petty. meant to expire.

I could not blame them.

In a world where you need to network in order to establish connections, where you need to rely on filters in order to get noticed, where you look up to celebrities for standards of your own existence, where your affection comes with the approval of the universe as you publicly display it, where you get frustrated with having to make realities make sense because they tend to be more complicated…well, these apprehensions make fairy tales a more pleasurable route to take as a a short cut to pure bliss.

Now this alarms me.

If most of young people nowadays are blinded by these illusions of love, then how will they handle being disillusioned by harsh realities that falling in love is not as fancy as the fantasies in paper backs? That falling in love is rough as the pages of these paper backs? That the reality is, falling in love is serious business and the very complicated route they for long avoid?

This alarms me because while I am fascinated by these shallow plots, the rest of the population of young people actually consider them seriously.

Like seriously?

If this persists, whatever will happen to real courtship? true commitment? sense of sacrifice? “death do us part”? What will happen if they seriously hang on their hopes to the odds that their one true love is behind a mask in a ball, or the kiss under the moonlit sky, or the icy embrace in a snow-capped wonderland, or if the shoe fits?

Not like I have anything against these ideal romantic set ups.

My concern is, they are too blinded by fantasies that they shut their eyes to see the realities, that the best love story is not found on paperbacks. The best love story is the true love they themselves write. The best love story begins just as it is felt, and it will never have to end. No background. No fireworks. No moon. Just plain true love.

I can’t help but be scared, because true love is supposed to be real not fancy.

True love is supposed to know no end.

Do Not Return to Sender

“I feel the same way. ” Love, Kate

“See you at the cathedral steps.” Love, Kate

“Bring my friend back. The old Acey who is always laughing and opening up. I miss her.” Hurting, Kate

“How is your seatmate doing? Does he still look cute? Tell him I said hi. P.S. My seatmate also looks good today. Do I say hi for you too?” Always, Kate the Great


I have a bag full of letters and stick-on notes from Kate. I haven’t thrown a single sheet ever, and it has been 15 years ago when we started exchanging messages way back Freshmen year in high school.

She is one great person (apart from my father) who woke up my muse and motivated me to spill my thoughts on ink. She edited my work, introduced smart phrases for me to use and even put a smiley on her favorites among my works.

We exchanged short notes about the littlest interesting highlights of our day, the one-minute heaven with our crush, the creeps and annoyance from random people, and just about anything that are not even pertinent to share. We also wrote each other long letters and I remembered her calling one of mine as “Acey’s Chronicles.” In our long letters, we pour out our frustrations in life, questions to God, juvenile emotions and heartaches towards each other.

She was my high school best friend. She will always be my one great friend. Best friends forever.

I have considered growing up and putting away dust-gatherers from my place for a number of times, together with high school workbooks and college notes and stuff, but I ended up reading again letters from Kate and packing them in another box or bag until the time I would have to clean up closets again…

Kate died after battling with cancer some ten years ago. There are still times when I wished a single note from her would be posted on the door like she always did before. A note from Kate might perhaps help me get through a horrible Monday, or tame me from a wrestle with deadlines, or delight me a midst parenting woes. But now letters are all I have-each a story to inspire and a friendly advice to heed, for the rest of my life with her simply looking down on me from the skies…


I miss you, Kate.

A Dose of Brilliant Quotes


A quote saves you from all the worries about not being spontaneous on what you are about to say.

A quote is a life-saver. It gives you not only nuggets of wisdom but also sentence fillers in an utterly hopeless public speaking occasion.

Here are the quotes I ticked as my favorites in my Brilliant Quotes phone app and the life situations where I am grateful I have a quote to get by:


1. On worrying about the future (why worry about the future?)

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” -Abraham Lincoln

2. On feeling hopeless (take it from the funny man and seek for rainbows all the time)

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” -Charlie Chaplin

3. On cherishing friendship (true friends are rare; it is rare to meet someone exactly like you.)

“A friend is, as it were, a second self.” -Cicero

4. On living the life you want (fabulous piece of inspiration, agree?)

“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.” -Coco Chanel

5. On sleeping to your heart’s content (I have countless sleep debts and I just have to pay them off.)

” I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know.” -Ernest Hemingway

6. On saying what you need to say (say it, will you?)

“It’s better to say too much, than never to say what you need to say again.” -John Mayer

7. On dealing with your problems (sad but true)

” Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.” -Lou Holtz

8. On handling people who are a pain in the neck (inevitable!)

“There are some people that you cannot change, you must either swallow them whole or leave them alone.” -Margot Asquith

9. On being stunned by life (how true is that!)

“Ever notice how ‘what the hell’ is always the right answer?” – Marilyn Monroe

10. On procrastinating (definitely my favorite)

“Never put off tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” -Mark Twain

11. On appreciating simple joys (this keeps me obligated to give myself a me-time)

“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” -Mark Twain

12. On letting dreams be (the other side of chasing dreams that goes easier for lazy people)

“I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they are going and hook up with them later.” -Mitch Hedberg

13. One being selfless (my favorite for mothers’ day)

“We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

14. On being committed to someone for a lifetime (the message I gave for my high school best friend’s wedding)

“Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” -Mother Teresa

15. On taking it easy on work (just when I am close to be working hard than normal, this saves my day)

“I’ve heard that hard work never killed anyone, but I say, why take the chance?’ -Ronald Reagan

16. On taking a time off (sometimes you just have to forget in order to move forward in life)

“Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I have forgotten this before.” -Steven Wright

17. On heading where the roads lead (trust your feet!)

“I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way.” -Voltaire

18. On making every moment count (I always tell myself I don’t have time or don’t have enough, but this quote brings me back to my senses)

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hours a day.” -Zig Ziglar

19. On finding fulfillment in life (cliche but this I say to myself and to others most of the time; overused in my speeches, too)

” Life  is a journey, not a destination.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

 20. On loving someone truly (love is a mystery and Coelho made everything about love a perfect sense.)

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” -Pauo Coelho


Quotes speak to us like a preview of what we want to say to ourselves if we only trust our own brand of wisdom, says the poet in me. 

I was tempted to write an intellectually sounding anonymous name after this conclusive insight I have about quotes like what a tumblr post I came across with said and it sound like the best way to get people to pay attention to a quote or post is to put an anonymous or famous name after it.

Oh well, as for me, quotes are just amazing day boosters that I could not last a day not having one to talk myself into believing.