Divergent Laughter

When was the last time I had a laugh like no other? A laugh that is mockingly amusing? A laugh that is sarcastically delightful? A laugh that is painfully exciting? A laugh that is memorably humiliating?


We might have dressed up with the shades of factions from the Divergent book when we watched the movie version that day, but that would not be the funny part.

The cause of our joy was having an honest-to-goodness non-reader non-fangirl friend (who was dressed up as Candor) sit in between us two frankly insane bookworm fangirls, and listen to her make hilarious comments of the turn of events which we, the latter, already knew of because we have read the book. There had been several episodes of shock, amusement, ridicule, ignorance and awe coming from every careless but honest remarks she made about the characters, the scenes and the what if’s and could-have-been’s she had in mind out loud.

To add sparks to the outburst, she even lost her very important pouch (with her cellphone and cash in it) in the movie house and realized she did when we were already ready for the ride home. We had to appear like Dauntless transfers as we rushed back to the movie house, called out for the guards and searched for the missing pouch.

I never felt so breathless that day. All thanks to our Candor girl.




Sky is the Limit: Rooftop Fantasies

Half my life I’ve been in trouble with roofs. But I think I could live on a rooftop. As long as I could share coffee, stories and moments, under the sun and rain, with real people and people I truly love, I think one huge blanket of clouds at day and stars at night, would be fine.#dreamingofheaven — at Home- In my room- On my bed.

(from my Facebook post, June 2)


By some wonders of fate, a rustic mansion might be given to me, and I would have all the money in the world to turn the ruins into a heaven on earth. Grand! Then it would definitely be a mansion reconstructed into a solitary rooftop with benches, hammocks, sofas, coffee tables, bean bags and swings for everyone to sit on over free-flowing coffee, limitless conversations and the music of One Republic, day in and day out.

Make my dream come true please…


Flashback Friday: High School Never Ends

Flashback Friday: High School Never Ends

Talking about milestones, I would definitely not miss bragging about the splendor of my high school days because I met real people I would never meet just as real and as for keeps in other milestones of my life.
It might be enough for some that they get to attend or simply pass through high school; for some they might think of not having to go through high school again. Well mine happens to be a blast. Lucky me. And I would not mind being in high school again.