Confessions of a Pro: “If It’s That Important…”

Sad but true, “I put the PRO in procrastination.”

Procrastination for me is like coffee-I can’t last a day without it.

But apart from procrastination as a metaphor to my caffeine dependence, I guess I have grown immune to putting off urgent matters for later, and by immunity I mean, I have managed to minimize the casualties that normally surface out from non-productivity.

The reason for this is the kind of procrastination I do: I put off urgent maters for later, and work on matters that won’t matter until later. So, I end up completing tasks that aren’t needed yet, which is quite impressive, but neglect the tasks that everyone else is waiting to be done (but get them done anyway, just in time for the tasks to be done).

Through it all, it’s not as if I haven’t accomplished anything actually. I do accomplish a lot, only that they are not the priority stuff. A classic example would be, I am supposed to be grading student essays so that I could finish up their marks for the first quarter, but then, I found myself ‘googling’ for to die for classroom activities for the next quarter’s lesson. Or, I should be writing my thesis so I can finish my Master’s Degree, but here I am trying to revive my muse through writing blogs.

Basically, this where I am at: I AM LATER DWELLER. My procrastination takes me to later where now is yet insignificant.

And as I work aimlessly (no deadline in mind, no immediate feedback required) for tasks in the future tense, I take pleasure in the comfort of either a book, a pin, a tweet, a post, a blog or a back hug from a Korean T.V. Series, to convince myself that hey! “If it’s that important, it will still be important tomorrow.” Take it from the Pro. 🙂


We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?



#GOODMORNIGHT: Sleep, maybe?

Blame not my shots of latte.

Studies say so, putting off sleep is a worldwide trend. It is considered as the next big thing to twittering that you might want to start tweeting a hash tag about it. It even has a name: #SLEEPPROCRASTINATION. Finally I have found the word that best justifies the disease I am enduring in a therapeutic kind of way.

My daily prompt is just an eye opener-more like the best thing I need to keep me awake in the next few hours of my bedtime procrastination:

“More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?”

If I am not scrolling through tweets and preying on a brilliant sarcasm to retweet, then most probably I am composing a personal tweet in a form of a pun or an oxymoron of the things I have left unsaid for the day. Hash tags for me are virtual punches. Most often, I waste time aiming to construe my insights and judgments through these online blows. Twitter is too loaded of the things I want to say that to me it is a cyber vodka that lets me spill the things I hold my tongue in contempt in real life. When I finally doze off, sometimes I feel that I have forgotten a tweet and my dream is stuck somewhere inside the box that tells me I can only type in 140 characters of my thoughts.

If I am not getting the shock of my life in my facebook news feed, then most probably I am writing a shout out of bits of imagery encompassing the timeline of tenses of English grammar, with my favorite being the now tense or the present progressive. It could be from what I am hearing or what I am feeling, to what I am watching or listening. Facebook is a personality vanity. From time to time, I have to submit myself to a make-over especially when statuses I post sound like a bad hair day. Facebook gives faces to memories on photos too, so if I am not posting status or photos yet, then most probably I am caught somewhere in my phone apps stitching photos in photo grid or pic collage, “theme”-ing up a page in instamag, or exploring filters in instagram. Nights turn to days too if I start cruising youtube or navigating pinterest for varying personal to work-related preferences of music, photos and just about any random penchant as I please. A hectic social life over net turns every lappy-human vicinity into a city that never sleeps.

If I am not working on a sub-plot to my class activities as narrated in my lesson plan or if I am not “googling” for fast facts about new topics, then most probably I am sorting my lappy’s desktop files and placing them in their appropriate folders, emptying my recycle bin or deciding if I keep or delete existing files that I find no use of. With a habit of saving new files or downloads on the desktop, I take a lifetime accomplishing the simplest task of sorting. With ideas for class and work that are like party gate crashers to my official office hours, I cannot keep these cluttered files and tasks from tagging along to my bedside and keep me awake for as long as they want me to, like I can’t control them from stealing my precious hours for sleep and rest.

If I am not counting sheep or listening to Counting Stars and the rest of the songs in my One Republic playlist, then most probably I am catching up on an old movie or episodes of Korean drama that I put off finishing because I convince myself every single day that I am busy. Korean dramas in particular is like drugs that not only get me addicted but also heal me from my woes and blues. Korean dramas outdo twitter, facebook and all other insomnia-inducing social networking sites, in putting off bedtime every after 50 minutes ago when I tell myself “one episode more.” I do not even doze off satisfied. I doze off promising myself I am meeting the lead male actor in my dream and we are going to run together the lines from the drama that I love.

Just recently, I have wordpress, the ultimate outlet of my lengthy sentences, overlapping structures and cliches. Finally I have harbored a place where random scribbles can reside, during my peak hours or most productive moments. The hours that I have found myself to be working magic and nuisance  are between 9 pm to 3 am. Now how can sleep be ever possible?


Researches also revealed that those who are running for pro in bedtime procrastination are the people who never get enough sleep. Truth can sometimes be real nightmare. While the day seems to be under-time, most people like me who suffer bedtime procrastination spend the night shift making up for the things they have missed, although sleeping is the one thing they keep on missing and skipping.

Now the funny thing about bedtime procrastinators is, they do not know what happens after 3 am: is it going to be today? or tomorrow? Now that is disturbing.

How do we greet each other then at 3am?

Good Mornight will do. 🙂