Dare to Soar


One of my biggest preparation of the year is capturing a moving theme for the annual Awards Day. After a couple of lattes and cold black coffee, I found my heart stopping at the concept of SOAR.

For this year’s Awards Day, deserving students will once again be donned with their medals and spark inspiration among their fellow students to be achievers, too.

Two years ago, the inspiration to take flight was sparked. Just last year, a matrix of success was woven. This year is the moment to soar through time.


Preparing for Awards Day meant hours of “googling” for an inspirational piece for the verse choir presentation (not to mention days of shuffling playlists for songs that will give life to the theme). Thanks to google, I got a link to a poem published in allpoetry.com. This poem was written by hunkydory. For me, it is perfect for the theme. With a little help from the full teaching force of the high school department, I am high-spirited that the program will truly soar.

Let’s Soar High

Think beyond your thinking,

Go beyond The stars ,


Reach beyond your boundaries,
As sky is only our limit,




Soar high,


Break through the bars,


Crack open the doors,


Pave our way to success;


Throughout we go tirelessly,


With no worries,


We shall reach our goal.


Dare to soar, UNORians.

~Make waves~