Of Drink and Drive: An Analogy of a Journey

I did not mean to delay it but it just occured to me what I should have raised a glass to three days ago; It took a mini heart attack for me to realize that my road trip is finally making a detour.

It feels like a couple of mixed emotions. For one, I have this joy of completion, like finally making it to the finish line, but I know for sure there are lot of gears missing and might go missing. The whole crazy but fun jigsaw-like race course has been worth the trip, but it has left me with a feeling of being incomplete. Second, I have this huge excitement towards finally turning off the engine, but I know for sure that with the fuel left inside me, I might end up longing for the thrill of adventure, as I look back and look on the roads swirling around me. The whole idea of no longer being the person behind the wheel and finally being the one who has to experience the joyride might be exhilirating, but being all too familiar with the route, might just make me miss bumpy rides for a while. Nevertheless,  both set of feelings are like cocktails on a Friday night that give a sense of liberation with a cloud of challenge. They are frustrations over seatbelts snapped, fenders dent and gas run out, pacified by a bottle of faith and a shot of hope. It is the kind that leaves you tipsy in the wee hours of the morning trying to forget, and causes you a hangover every waking hour trying to move on.
This is definitely not the end of the road. There might be unique road signs and a lot of unknown destinations. I would even miss drag races, road rage, traffic jam, crossroads, flat tires, and a whole lot of fulfilling experiences (though sometimes annoying) of being on the road for quite a while.
Still, though some journeys are not meant for an overdrive, I will be here, reading my map, not feeling stranded at all, but more than ready to crash and burn with passion still alive.

Cheers to that.


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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