Reply to 2016

1483198511937Looking back, I believe I have had interesting conversations throughout the year. The interplay of words, thoughts and emotions has somehow taught me lessons I never thought could ever smack me in the head with valuable reality check. Although I must say this year will never be among I would ever consider as the best year ever, I would not wish either to restart it so I could undo things or in more important terms, un-say words or un-think thoughts or un-feel emotions. Why would I do that? Even if there are episodes I do regret, I still hold on to the fact that there is more to life than the crappy truths that life tends to slap us. I won’t even un-mute the silence, which to me has been the most consoling of all conversations I have engaged in. However, I would not wish  to be devoured by the confusions, challenges and complexities of all these conversations. So I guess I owe it to myself to become the clichè “better version of myself”  by restoring the bits of my existence I have lost along the  way of reconstructing my life. I realize there is really nothing that needs to be fixed. I basically spent 2016 trying to fix my life that is not even broken. I must say there is one thing I have to do then: reset. Bye 2016, you have said a lot and I am tired of it all. For 2017, I have nothing to say to you just yet so~


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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