Last Hour

I think I am going to faint.


I know I am more than ready as I expected myself to be three days ago when I did not even know how I would be able to come out prepared for today. However, I have been waiting since 2pm for a presentation I have to make and it is almost non-office hours yet I am still here, kept at the edge of seat, finding comfort in blogging because I cannot vent my anxiety in other forms of social media because many people would be able to figure me out and that I do not find nice. There! Do you notice how wordy I can go if I am tensed like this? As a matter of fact, I am out of words at the moment. I am trying to modify by cutting out slides from my powerpoint presentation because even if I believe I am going to share something substantial, the people who are going to listen to me had been sitting still since 2 pm over coffee and bread perhaps, listening to presentation after presentation, so perhaps there is a risk they would not like what I am going to present because they are too tired to take my pointers in already. On the other hand, they might be too cranky already and raise numerous concerns about my presentation and I would totally feel I am such a failure because I surely feel like that for the past three days. To add more mockery to my anxiety, I am feeling I have a bit of a headache because the AC seems to be having an identity crisis and is acting like a heater.

I just want this last hour over and done with.



Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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