Spilling Secrets to your BFF

Key Takeaway

One of the best feelings in this world is knowing you have writing to save your day. Be it a good or bad day, it is good to have a breathing space.  A journal is a classic companion. A scribble pad is a convenient outlet. A blog spot, however, is a long lost best friend. It can just be the most fertile ground for everything you need to say, like you would pour out to your BFF.

Writing has conventions alright, but when you talk to a friend you can be whoever you are. As a blogger then, you can just be your raw self and everybody will just be fine with it. Although a writing plan comes in handy for a published piece of thought to be interesting and presentable, but it is not essential in the blogging survival kit. I have been writing all my life but blogging has given me a new purpose. It is not just so I could express myself. It is not just so I can have my works published. It is not just so I can prove that I am my father’s daughter or I am my major’s main. Blogging has given me the opportunity to learn from others and for them to learn from me by the common and varied interests we can all write about. Blogging is an electronic friendship you will intend to keep for life.

So to you, aspiring blogger and new friend, and to you my future more mature blogger self (yes this advice is for myself as well), write your heart and mind’s fill and let all thoughts and feelings overflow; write even if your pool of thoughts and feelings is dry. Write away. Sail through the vast potentials of your heart and mind to ponder and be awed by this unfair but beautiful life. You have found a friend in blogging.


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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