The Enigma of Learning

When we ever learn that learning is best when one is ready to learn?

Year after year, scholar after scholar, theory after theory, research after research, design after design—the transition is endless in the pursuit of learning.

My favorite principle will always be, a learner shall learn whenever the learner is ready, so no amount of extrinsic motivation, proven and tested strategies and profound teaching styles will ever get a learner to learn what he has to learn if the learner is not ready to learn.

Truly, this is a challenge. For one, one can never really figure out if it is the most teachable moment already; second, one can never really tell if learning has transpired despite ready evidences translated by well-though of assessment tools and standards.

Every person has a unique learning style. In a teacher’s perspective, it is sometimes to convenient to put labels on students as to how they learn in order to match the teaching styles the teacher employs. In a learner’s perspective, it is a spontaneous pursuit to learn through ways a learner knows how given the teacher’s role as facilitator of learning. It could be any style at all, but it all boils down to the strongest principle most scholars should pay attention more and that is, getting the learner ready and figuring out if the learner is ready.

As a teacher, I rely on cooperative learning and differentiated instruction in order to accommodate the various learning styles of students. As a learner, in this life in general, I could not entirely rely on learning my life lessons by collaborating with others because despite a little help around the corner being nice, I could rely on no one but myself to realize what I should be doing and doing right. True enough, just as differentiated instruction caters to individual differences, I could never make the life of someone else as a point of reference for the decisions I make. I could be wrong and I could be right about my judgments, but the most important thing is, they are my judgments and I am fully accountable for what they make out of me.

It can never be denied that we learn from lectures,visuals and reading books. It can never be denied that we learn in a group or from one person. However, all these styles may only work if we are ready once and for all to take in what we have come to learn the first place.

Are we ever ready to learn then?
Daily Prompt:
Learning Style
What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

Author: Acey

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One thought on “The Enigma of Learning”

  1. The whole idea of being ‘ready’ to learn is so important. I can think of many times when I knew an assignment was due but was not in the right frame of mind to get working. If I tried anyway quite often it would be a struggle whereas if I waited and thought about it for awhile until I was in the ‘right’ frame of mind then it was always much easier to complete and do a good job.

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