Of Daily Miracles and Simple Joys

Reason to Believe
Daily miracles. Simple joys. These are my reasons to believe that there will always be something to be grateful for and I must have still done something good to deserve the small things in this unfair but beautiful life that push me to go on and live another day.

I believe in angels in disguise.

They usually appear before us just when we think we can never surface out from being buried too deep by daily circumstances. They may come with a word, a story, a consolation, a solution, an opportunity, a smile, a hug, a chance. Then this gives us reasons to believe that God is stronger than our fears and pains. We are all responsible for everything that happens in our lives and although they happen for a reason, sometimes we do not think and respond correctly and accordingly to the divine plan and we end up lost somewhere. Whenever we are gotten lost, troubled and held down by certain circumstances, it is pure bliss that we are never alone even if we make ourselves believe that we are. Angels are with us always all the time. Daily miracles give me reason to believe that I will get by even if I am split second away from losing it.

I believe joy is cheap and priceless.

Simple joys make a treasure out of desires too huge and complicated to attain and sustain. Simple joys can be a warm cup of instant coffee your daughter or son mixed for you, a long afternoon nap with your toddler after watching a favorite movie, a 5-minute chair massage experience for P10 that you share with your children like it were child’s play, an ice cream sandwich that you take delight on with your kids because it is chocolate after all and it does not have to pricey, a snuggle toy you get from a pick-and-drop game for a singe try…We sometimes think we need all the money in the world to experience joy but sometimes we just have to value the time we get to spend with the ones with love in order to have moments to cherish after all despite have less than what we should enjoy and deserve. Simple joys give me a reason to believe that as long as I have time to give, the opportunities to share joy is infinite.

There is no room for hopelessness and discontent when you have reasons to believe that miracles happen on a daily basis and joy does not have to come with a price.

With daily miracles and simple joys, who am I to demand much from this unfair but beautiful life?




Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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