Retreat from Thoughts

“It takes a long time grow young.”

Having the gift of words makes it impossible for someone to control how one’s thoughts may influence the thoughts of another. Regardless of what effect one’s thoughts may have to another, good or bad that is, having words to say, right or wrong the words may seem, is still a gift.

For this, time is of the essence all the time to feel the words we say and be the first and the strongest person all the time to mean them for once they escape us they are now charged to make another person ponder on them for whatever magic (or curse for there will always be instances of denial) the words may have to allow others to see life differently or see a different life.

So love your gift of words, written or said, for you may not have a complete idea about it, but you have changed at least one person.

You have changed me.

Your words have made me realize that it is not validated by figures how mature thoughts can be. Age does not define how a thought can be valid or true. Rather, having the feeling of being nurtured by thoughts of another makes one mature, and makes one’s thoughts mature.

Retreating from one’s thoughts may mean having to change your opinion on one thing that is unpopular but, redefining retreat may also mean taking time to loiter on the fact that there is nothing to change about what we believe in, but we can always grow (and change eventually) in strength on how these thoughts may make us better instruments of optimism and inspiration, for ourselves and for others.

For what it’s worth, you have inspired me and made me reconsider to be positive about things.

Thank God everyday for this gift and for the time you are given to nurture this gift, for “it is not the strength, but the duration, of great sentiments that makes great men.” For this, never regret your words and never let your words fail you. Always and forever, words will be my connection to you and your connection to me. For this, I will also thank God everyday that He connected us this way. I hope you feel the same way too.

This is me surrendering to your thoughts and retreating from mine.

This point of retreat is not because you are right, or because my thoughts are bad, but because I value whatever it is that you have to say and I know you sincerely just want to make me feel that I matter. Having you giving me this feeling is something I will always be grateful for.



Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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