Monday’s a B


Do you ever have the feeling that no matter how hard you try, even if you fake it, Mondays always have their ways to punch you straight to the face and leave you bleeding and wondering whatever it is you have done wrong or wrongly?

Today is Monday, and in the first three hours that I have decided to face this dreadful day, I have had my fair share of misfortunes.

One: I found out that my wedding ring has been missing for two weeks now.

Two: I have to wear my old pair of glasses today because my eyes have been strained by years of abuse of the power of my eye sight towards loads of research tasks to read and grade (and perhaps by Conjunctivitis, too).

Three: I burned my index finger after spilling my first cup of instant coffee all over it.

I am really trying my best here. But why does Monday have to be a bitch?

But as they say, it is a sign of maturity when you see the good in gruesome situations.

I  have survived the first three hours of my Monday, the witching hours so to speak. Then, I started seeing the good side of the ugly situations: One, I found my wedding ring- I happen to be looking for it in the wrong places and I promised myself never to take it off again; Two, half a dozen people (I am wishing were sincere) told me I look good today (with my glasses perhaps); and Three, well of course, coffee is always perfect even if it burns some parts of your body out of carelessness.

I will never be fond of Mondays. Mondays will never be fond of me. But we shall co-exist, because we are left without choices here but to deal with each other.


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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