Of Sorting

I am never good at sorting things out. I even get lost at a pool of my own desktop files and confused by my own filenames. A pile of documents to file would literally make me cry. A checklist has to be nearby, and back-up files have to be handy. I crack under the mockery of circumstances when a printer runs out of ink or jams just when I need to get a missing file filed up. I thrive at the practice of procrastination and amuse myself with undue headache.

This is a part of me I am not so proud of. But I am just lucky I can get by with a little help from people who, unlike me, just know exactly how to get their stuff straight as their stuff is supposed to be. Being alone with this kind of messed up tendency is close to suicide.

Part of me is glad I don’t feel the same weakness with sorting files with sorting issues in real life. If I were as dumb and talentless with files as I would be with the issues I have to face in life, this won’t just be suicide. This might probably be my 9th life. And I might not have a strike of luck that often.

So help me God.354937afc906b3ce260b2fe122ddbdac

image from Pinterest of TinyTechCrush


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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