Forever 22: A Throwback

Ten years ago, I stopped counting.

Just when exactly do you say you are old enough?

In my case, ten years ago, I had to mature and forget everything about being young and free. Being responsible for another life forced me to be stuck with being 22.

And I stopped counting.

Maybe I grew tired of growing up. Maybe I desired that point of my life immortalized. Maybe I never wanted to grow older after all.

Had it really been ten years now?

Ten years ago, when I was 22, there were so many things I wanted to do…things that anyone who is 22 would probably have in mind too. I wanted to travel the world, meet new people, try rare hobbies, do odd jobs, write a novel, publish an article in a local daily, spend long nights with friends, drink until I drop, jump off a cliff, splurge on books, binge eat, crash into parties, sweat in concerts, maintain a scrapbook, witness a war, be lawyer…the list is long.

Instead, I was given a bigger opportunity that only asked me to do one thing: give life. It was the most painful yet the most rewarding adventure I had to go through. Like I desired it when I was 22, since then, I still got to  travel into an unknown world, meet people that renewed me, invent hobbies to keep everyone amused, do funny jobs like wiping cute butts and feeding using a part of my body, write growth journals, publish milestones daily online, spend long nights watching creatures get cuter and cuter each time, drink limitless cups of coffee to keep me up, jump on and off the bed like crazy, splurge on picture books, binge eat on lollies and cookies, crash into children’s parties, sweat in Barney sing-alongs, invest on a lifetime scrapbook, witness sibling rivalries, and be the fountain of justice implementing laws of order and conduct, and standards of good judgment….the list is still long.

Ten years ago, I thought I skipped on the things I have always wanted to do. The truth is, I did the same things, only for a more profound purpose.

Ten years ago, I became a mom, and what great difference that made to my perception of aging. Being a mom turned my world upside down in an exciting kind of way. Being a mom clarified my purpose for living. Being mom made me selfless. Being a mom inspired me to think of others before myself. Being a mom took me away from the shallow desires of existence and transported me to a deeper sense of commitment and responsibility.

For these reasons, if I am going to be stuck this way forever, I really don’t mind.

Ten years ago, I stopped counting…and I started living for the moment.


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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