No More Reflections

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

“How do I look?”

And so I ask another person without any intention of changing my initial perception of myself. Why I ask the first place is a matter of routine rather than concern. After all, they way I see myself is what matters more to me than what others see me.

I do not normally check the mirror to see if I look good. I face the mirror because it happens to be where I fix my hair. I can even apply make-up without having to face the mirror. It is not that I have no interest in beauty or something, but I guess I have just been used to how I normally look that if by some magic I look better than I would be grateful. 

If ever I face the mirror to see how much weight I have put up, it is not for the intention to look better too because I think if ever I grow fatter than how I am now I would never be convinced with what the mirror projects me to look until my clothes do not fit anymore. Maybe I am just confident and contented with how I look, secured with what I have and can become, and I do not need a mirror to change my mind about myself.

What use are mirrors then for me? Mirrors are just like the people I routinely ask to tell me how they see me but do not have the power to change how I perceive myself. If ever I wake up to a world without mirrors, it would not be any different to a world with mirrors. I would still see myself the way I know myself and how I deem myself to be. 

Mirrors may tell the truth or lie, I can very well reflect on the kind of person I am, I have become and can become by the way I look at myself in the raw.

In a world without mirrors, I guess my normal life might just become MORE normal. And as most people see broken mirrors as bad luck, for me, I might just feel luckier. 🙂


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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