Camera Roll: Selfie-sh Me Time

“And I simply decided to be happy again.”

Me time.


A coffee.


A blank space.


A feel-good movie.


A good book.


A long nap.


A blog page.


A series marathon.


A playlist.


All for me.

Then, I can be human again.

I am a workaholic who is continuously in denial about it. Truth of the matter is, I work hard but I am not efficient, because if I were efficient, then I would not be extending office hours just to get things done, or stay late in the office only to plan out what else I would do for the next day and never get to finish my target again, and the cycle of procrastination goes on. I put off a lot of things when I feel stuffed by a calendar of things to do, pinned to the wall by daily demands and locked up by responsibilities I have no need to be reminded of. Sometimes I doubt if I am even human still. So this is why I demand myself a me time. A time for me simply put. Just to remind myself that I exist in a universe where there are humans like me who also get tired and need to lighten up when the road signs to getting a life get a bit blurry.

Then, I can be human again.

Me time.

And it does not even matter how long or short a time that would be.PhotoGrid_1392474815629


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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