“My Life in Three Sentences” ETC.

“Wake up! Can we talk it over a cup of coffee? Don’t just flow with life; make waves.”

I would have written these sentences in response to the 3-minute journal prompt I gave my students to wrap up the unit of study on The Complete Sentence, if the prompt were for me.

What defines a good sentence? What makes up a complete sentence?

At first I thought teaching sentences in 9th Grade is a waste of time and an insult to the English teachers who have taught 7th and 8th Grade and even the elementary teachers why this grammar lesson has to be given a limelight.

However, a great deal of time is truly needed to have a run down of the checklist of a good sentence. It is surprising to annoying that kids these days are not so fond of periods as end marks, but it is startling and elating how these youngsters can form beautiful complete sets of thoughts out of random sentence parts.

These were my realizations after the lesson on The Complete Sentence. With the use of strategies and tools like The Complete Sentence Checklist, editing of essays students themselves have written, conversation starters, three-minute journal entitled “My Life in Three Sentences” and my favorite, building sentences using random sentence parts on strips of paper, the lesson on The Complete Sentence filled me with interesting ideas from my students’ responses to the sentence completion quiz. I had to use different kinds of stamps to express how glad I am by the progress.

Here are some of the interesting sentences they have built out of random sentence parts I have given them:

Why do people fall in love/when I have all the time in the world/despite the chills of loneliness/?

I will explore/the wonders of/ideal weekend destination/!

I will not miss the chance/of spending winter there/to write a poem/.

How lovely are the sights/of a picture from a dream/revealing the magic of the outdoors/!



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