Everything I Need to Know About Procrastination (and Mondays) I Learn From Garfield

With my horrific Monday hang-over and an interesting prompt on procrastination that I is underway, I think I have found my ideal mascot. Garfield is the epitome of furrball greatness with whom I have felt I am understood for what I feel about Mondays and procrastination and everything else he sees things (diet, food, exercise, to name a few more). It is good to know there is one cat who knows exactly how I feel in this kaleidoscopic complexity called life.

80635-71263 1266848614548_f da92bd896910de6ad95463374103e529 garfield garfield_monday1 garfield_mornings garfield_waste_my_time garfield-ill-stop-procrastinating-tomorrow-2011-wall-calendar-sellers-publishing-hardcover-cover-art garfield-monday garfield-mondays_suck tumblr_ml2ix0hu4q1s3vakfo1_500 tumblr_mq1qdo9w0c1rtut36o1_1280 

(photo credits to google search)



Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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