Confessions of a Pro: “If It’s That Important…”

Sad but true, “I put the PRO in procrastination.”

Procrastination for me is like coffee-I can’t last a day without it.

But apart from procrastination as a metaphor to my caffeine dependence, I guess I have grown immune to putting off urgent matters for later, and by immunity I mean, I have managed to minimize the casualties that normally surface out from non-productivity.

The reason for this is the kind of procrastination I do: I put off urgent maters for later, and work on matters that won’t matter until later. So, I end up completing tasks that aren’t needed yet, which is quite impressive, but neglect the tasks that everyone else is waiting to be done (but get them done anyway, just in time for the tasks to be done).

Through it all, it’s not as if I haven’t accomplished anything actually. I do accomplish a lot, only that they are not the priority stuff. A classic example would be, I am supposed to be grading student essays so that I could finish up their marks for the first quarter, but then, I found myself ‘googling’ for to die for classroom activities for the next quarter’s lesson. Or, I should be writing my thesis so I can finish my Master’s Degree, but here I am trying to revive my muse through writing blogs.

Basically, this where I am at: I AM LATER DWELLER. My procrastination takes me to later where now is yet insignificant.

And as I work aimlessly (no deadline in mind, no immediate feedback required) for tasks in the future tense, I take pleasure in the comfort of either a book, a pin, a tweet, a post, a blog or a back hug from a Korean T.V. Series, to convince myself that hey! “If it’s that important, it will still be important tomorrow.” Take it from the Pro. 🙂


We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?



Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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