Lost in One Republic’s Highway

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach

Clad in my worn-out jeans, my husband’s over-sized white Hanes and faded sneakers, I jump behind a stranger’s pick-up truck with a fully-charged smart phone, put on a pair of dark glasses, snuggle into tie-dyed native blankie and hit the repeat button to play One Republic’s “Feel Again.” I am ready for a road trip to the countryside where a steaming native black coffee waits for me at the porch of a solitary cabin owned by another stranger. By then, I shall be playing another One Republic song, “Good Life” as I sip carelessly my brew and initiate random thoughts to brew at the same time. When I am done with my coffee, I shall then be listening to “Counting Stars” when I will have realized I have been wandering through my empty mind and heart for a long time for me to realize it is almost night time. I am now sitting at the hammock-imagining, wishing, thinking…Will this day ever end? Will this day ever come?

(This is how my current mood looks like in a canvas.)


image from http://www.shuttlecock.com


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

2 thoughts on “Lost in One Republic’s Highway”

  1. OMG. One Republic! Life-affirming words from a band I never thought I’d love until I downloaded their songs out of boredom. Daw ka-special gd bala miss sang ila Native nga album. Fave ko ang I Lived, Counting Stars, Something I Need, Feel Again, kag Preacher. ❤

    1. Imagine Dragons with Demons gave me the same effect but did not sustain. One Republic’s music is like the lost heartbeat I have. ❤ Haaay Darlene!

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