“My Mom’s a Genie”

A mother can take on any role possible for her children.

It would be such a delight if I emerge from a bottle-although that would rather be funny by the figures that go with my waistline-and be like a god who owns a wish-granting factory. It would be funnier though if I fly around in a tutu sprinkling pixie dust to give life to fond dreams! Oh well, anything can be possible in fairy tales. Too bad some tales ain’t so in the real world, where I would trade anything just so I could make all my children’s wishes come true by a strike of a wand or the magic of a hug.

Being mom, I feel like a genie locked up in a vintage bottle and bothered by how things would turn out if I could not be there for the supreme force of my existence, my children. I want to give the world to them if I must. I try my best to be the super mom that I can be just so I can fly through tons of obligations and still  make them feel that their welfare is my priority. While I wrestle with paper works, I jump into my sneakers just to cheer for my son’s football game. While I brainstorm for class activities, I giggle at the side of my daughter talking about movie stars and worldwide trends. While I troubleshoot domestic and professional difficulties, I jump around like Baby Bop or sing “Let It Go” like crazy with my toddler. I don’t know if they sense how unfair it is not to have their full attention, but if I have to wish for them that I would have full time for them, then maybe I would without having to ask them what they really wish for.

If I could be a genie in a bottle (and I still find that hilarious!), I wish to say “your wish is my command” to my children. I’m quite scared of what I believe they would be wishing for, but since I am a genie and a mom now, I guess I should be more excited.

They probably would wish for the things I promised to buy them but when the time is right and the budget permits, like a pink smartphone for my daughter, PSP for my son, and a pool of balls for my toddler (actually I downsized the wish for an entire playground for just that). If these objects of joy really could not wait for the time I intend to give these things to them, magic might be just right for me to see how responsible they can be in giving time for fun and school work and house chores. Well, it is the one thing that keeps me from buying diversions such as toys to my kids. It is hard for me to postpone joy in toys, but as a mom I cannot afford the risk of spoiling them and then they start forgetting what truly matters in life, like education and responsibilities. However, a genie mom might be more generous and I won’t have to postpone being a Santa even if it is not December yet.

It is every kid’s fantasy to visit Disney World, and a genie mom would not want to miss that for the world. More than the delight in seeing in real life the iconic Mickey Mouse, whom I continue to tell them that he is nothing more than the stuffed toys they have seen of him, my kids truly would want to travel with the entire family, ride an airplane, a bus, a train, stay in a hotel, eat at a restaurant, and be the privileged first-class tourists any breathing human would wish for. It may not be Disney World at all, but I wish to grant the wish of a weekend getaway with the entire family without a care for time, money and effort. An overnight stay at a resort is already an ideal family day for the kids; even a stroll around the mall just as long as we are complete is already a great day for them. A genie mom will be the best mom ever if I could upgrade this idea of family bonding into a timeless trip to a dream destination…

For my children’s third wish, they might wish to be the person they dream to be the soonest possible-successful individuals with high paying and highly-satisfying jobs, enough to build mommy a house for my son’s dream of becoming an engineer, enough to buy dadah a nice car for my daughter’s dream of being a fashion designer (though this dream changes every other month depending on what she sees online), and enough to make grandmas proud for being a multi-talented grandson for the promising dream of my toddler of being a total performer (that is what I can have a glimpse of at least for now with his fascination for High Five and Barney). My kids have quite big dreams, and their dreams are my dreams too. My heart would be at peace once I see that they are chasing, achieving and living their dreams. Genie mom or not, I would be there, still their good old mommy, their number one fan.

However, I guess for this third wish, I would probably lure them into wishing for another set of toys and whisper, “don’t grow up too fast.” A genie mom would not want to have their kids all grown up because that might mean not having the time in the world she would trade for a lifetime, just so she can horse around, giggle and enjoy outdoors with the true magic of her existence-her children.

Wishes are for children, and perhaps the thought of a having a genie mom will tickle all their young bones. They might be prouder to say that “hey, my mom’s a genie, isn’t that amazing?” rather than “hey, my mom’s a high school teacher, isn’t that scary?” but I guess, what children really want is magical moments with their family for even if they seem to be unmindful about it, they know that they are not going to be kids for a long a time.


I love you, Mikaela, Ruther and Zijohn. Forever and Always.




Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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