QuickWrite: How to Make A Cat, A Bowl of Soup and a Beach Towel Fit

My mom told me not to drop food from the window because nothing but a puddle would benefit the leftovers, and that I’d rather feed the cat waiting at the porch. “Well, I do not intend to feed the cat. That is why I am dropping off food elsewhere the cat is not.” I am not fond of pets. I don’t hate them either. But of all household animals, I definitely do not have a liking for a cat.

That was after dinner tonight.

Earlier, dinner was ordinary. It would have been more heavenly if I had a bowl of soup instead. The weather had been breezy lately and had tied me to the bed for quite a while. A bowl of soup, preferably, my all-time favorite seafood noodles, could have made the opportunity to be comforted by warmth during a rainy day, more fulfilling for a lonesome writer like me who had been challenged to write anything I would like to write provided I get to write about a cat, a bowl of soup and a beach towel.

I still do not know how a beach towel fits into what I am writing.

Honestly, I was planning to write a nonsensical poem earlier but I wanted to write non-stop like the last challenge I did and then I got busy to continue writing again. It took me a while to get back on writing and the feeling of having to get back to writing honestly scared me a bit in an excited kind of way. I was scared I will not be able to sustain getting back on writing again, but excited how my muse would be challenged again by daily prompts. Missing daily prompts was like missing a dose of vitamin C. By the time I checked the prompts I was not able to respond to, I felt like I won’t be able to catch up.

This is one of my struggles really. I love to write. Well, time sometimes seems to be unkind. I get busy with real world then. In as much as I want to continue, writing then becomes ignored like a beach towel on a rainy day. There it is! Finally, the beach towel has a role.

This nonsensical piece has to end before I realize I need to laugh at myself for this joke I have taken upon myself just so I could write something.

Oh random thoughts, why do you have to be so mean? *evil laugh*





Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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