Grammar Nazis


I have read an article online about people overly concerned about grammar, particularly of other people’s, and these grammar patriots are labeled as language bullies, pedants, grammar nerds—and I thought “name callings” are too heavy for someone like me and some people whom I share common interest in grammar checking the city. The scale is, if both of you (the grammar checker and the grammar criminal) can laugh through the blunder together, then it is not language bullying at all right? So I guess being a grammar Nazi is not that bad at all when done in moderation and with discretion. Allow me to quote from another online article entitled “Why I hate Grammar Nazis and Why I Am One” to substantiate how I feel about correcting grammar as a social cause: “I love my language. I love its precision. I love its rules. I’m also more than a little OCD, so, naturally, I want to fix everyone’s mistakes. But I don’t. Not always, at any rate. Because I believe there’s a time and a place to pick your battles.”

Just as there are rules for grammar, there are also rules in knowing when to correct the grammar of other people. I should not at all feel very confident, some typos or some careless slips just might turn the tables and then the joke is on me, who is so pertinent about the slightest misuse of the language.
But then again, some people just have to be very careful and feel the pulse of their confidence level when trying to believe they are saying the (grammatically) right thing especially publicly.





Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

2 thoughts on “Grammar Nazis”

    1. I must link it. I teach plagiarism too. that would be a heavier crime. 🙂 I enjoyed your post. It seemed like you have spoken for all of us nazis.

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