An Open Letter to Truth

An Open Letter to Truth

Dear Truth,
I have mixed feelings about confronting you. For one, I do not understand why most people, myself included, take you for granted. Second, to me you are an enigma: you are unspoken but obvious, concealed but open, painful but liberating. Lastly, I feel bad for you because a lot of people, myself included, treats you as ransom, dowry, payment, for realities they want to run away from. I continue to wonder if you will ever wear off when people keep on saying “I owe you the truth.” To whom are you going to be heartily or painstakingly given next time? Maybe I will just be right here following you around.

Yours truly, your biggest fan

P.S. Do you have the key? A lot of people I know, myself included, told me it is you who can set them free.

(prompt for writing 101: to whom it may concern; a word that jumps out of page 29 of the book nearest to you)


Author: Acey

I bleed coffee.

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